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OS X Applications

Here's a list of some of the apps that I recommend to others - especially those who are new to OS X. It doesn't include the standard apps that most people know about - instead it is intended to be a heads-up for some apps that you might need or want but might otherwise escape your attention.

Of course this list has apps that appeal to me and so you are likely to find that some of them are of no interest or use to you.

The two main places to look for apps are:

Getting open source software

System Utilities

keyboard-based launchers (and pasteboard extenders)

system monitors

wireless (Airport) monitors

disk repair (filesystem repair)

disk space utilities

removal of extra languages & architectures (to save disk space)

screen capture utilities

remote control of other (Mac or otherwise) computers

VNC (server & client) - google to find out about this - note that Leopard's "Screen Sharing" in the Sharing preferences provides a VNC server.

contextual menu utility

man page utilities

backup utilities

preference panes

extracting files from packages (e.g. the Install CD/DVD)

to keep my Downloads folder organized by date

prevent Mac from dimming screen or sleeping when no keyboard or mouse movement

to change the screen colours and brightness for low-light situations

to put weather info (current conditions & forecasts) in your menubar or Dock

GUI for the 'locate' command

Text editing


image editing & browsing

technical drawing/diagramming

Network debugging & scanning




iTunes utilities


offline web page viewing

web page RSS reader

web proxy server (runs on your Mac) - customizable filtering of ads, etc