sword in the stone   Hayne of Tintagel
As an independent consultant I provide services in two main areas: I have extensive experience in all aspects of user-interface design and implementation, having participated (as designer, architect, programmer, and team leader) in many large projects during my 20 years of experience in the software industry.

I am among the relatively few technically-oriented individuals with a passion for usability and am skilled in determining user-needs and communicating with the implementation team.

As a designer, I'm experienced in task analysis, use cases, and usability testing as well as aesthetically pleasing and efficient screen designs.

As a software architect, I'm good at generating designs that are efficient to implement and easy to maintain.

As a programmer, I have many years of experience in C++, Java, Python, and Perl, and various user interface toolkits.

As a team leader, I have gained a reputation for delivering quality products on schedule. The many "technical due diligence" evaluations that I've done for venture capitalists has broadened my already wide view of the state of the art in user-interface design and software engineering.

My resumé is available upon request. Please contact me at hayne@hayne.net to discuss your projects.